Arash Ali Amini
Assistant Professor

High-dimensional inference, machine learning, optimization, networks

Peter Bentler310-825-2893
Distinguished Professor

Multivariate analysis, with special emphasis on latent variable models.

Alyson (Allie) Fletcher
Assistant Professor

Machine learning, Statistical inference for high-dimensional data with applications in neuroscience, signal processing, information theory

Rob Gould310-206-3381
Lecturer SOE and Undergraduate Vice Chair
Mark S. Handcock
Professor and Chair

Stochastic modeling of social networks, Environmental and spatial statistics, Demography, Computational statistics, Survey sampling, and Epidemiology.

Erin Hartman
Assistant Professor

Causal Inference, Sampling Design, Survey Weighting, applications to social sciences

Chad Hazlett
Assistant Professor

Causal inference, high-dimensional regression and classification, applications in political science.

Jingyi Jessica Li310-206-8375
Assistant Professor

Applied Statistics and Statistical Modeling, as well as their interface with Statistical Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology.

Ker-Chau Li310-825-4897
Distinguished Professor

Dimension reduction, data visualization, time series, images, and gene expression.

Rick Paik Schoenberg310-794-5193

Point processes, Image analysis, Time series, and applications especially in seismology and fire ecology.

Ying Nian Wu310-794-4860

Statistical modeling and learning

Hongquan Xu310-206-0035
Professor and Graduate Vice Chair

Experimental design, functional linear model, computer experiment.

Alan Yuille310-267-5383

Computer Vision, Bayesian Statistics, Pattern Recognition.

Qing Zhou310-794-7563
Professor and Vice Chair for External Affairs

Computational biology, Statistical learning, Monte Carlo methods, Energy landscapes

Song Chun Zhu310-206-8693

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, MCMC computing, Cognition, and Visual Arts