Computing Support

Mathematical Sciences 8125F
Contact to fix UCLA Statistics department related computing problems, e.g. networking, e-mail, applications, printing, etc. This is available to faculty, staff and graduate students in this department only.

M.S. / M.A.S. / 1st Year Ph.D. Suite

Geology 5632
Common computing and meeting area for M.S., M.A.S. and 1st Year Ph.D. students.

Copy Room

Mathematical Sciences 8125J
Shared printers and Xerox copiers are here.

Main Office

Mathematical Sciences 8125
Administrative office which handles hiring, payroll, parking permits, reimbursements, etc.

Ph.D. Student Offices

Mathematical Sciences 8145, 8208, 8209, 8359, 8911 and 8983
Office space for Ph.D. students.

Statistical Consulting Center

Mathematical Sciences 8141
The Statistical Consulting Center of the UCLA Department of Statistics trains graduate students in consulting work and real-life data analysis. Our statistical consulting and data analysis services are provided to the UCLA research community and to the community at large. We assist with all other consulting work for UCLA undergraduates and graduates upon a written approval the by PI or advisor.
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Statistics Tutoring Center

Mathematical Sciences 8349
The Statistics Tutoring Center is dedicated to furthering undergraduate statistical education at UCLA. Free drop-in tutoring is offered for all students enrolled in UCLA introductory statistics courses. All TAs and many faculty hold office hours in the Center. For more details click here.

Student Affairs Offices

Mathematical Sciences 8125 C / D
Office for undergraduate and graduate student advising.