Akram Mousa Almohalwas310-794-4004
Continuing Lecturer

Applied statistics, data mining techniques

Maria Cha

Statistics education, Statistics software, Bioinformatics.

Miles Satori Chen310-794-7137

Statistics education, Item response
theory, Data analysis

Nicolas Christou310-206-4420
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Spatial statistics, spatial regression models.

Mahtash Esfandiari310-825-2732
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Teaching of statistics, Evaluation of interventions, Experimental design, Testing and Measurement.

Vivian Lew
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Statistical packages, Government and Business statistics.

Juana Sanchez310-825-1318
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Statistics indicators, multivariate statistics, STEM education and time series.

Michael Tsiang

Statistics education, environmental statistics, resampling methods

Linda Zanontian

Statistics Education, Environmental Statistics