Alexandr Kalinin

Robust Statistics

Pengcheng Li


Wenhao Lu

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.

Jiayi Ma

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Roozbeh Mottaghi
Ph.D. 2008-, Alan Yuille, Computer Science, UCLA

Computer Vision and Statistical Learning

Selvam Palanimalai

Robust Statistics

Seyoung Park

Computer Vision

Weichao Qiu

Computer Vision

Brandon Rothrock
Ph.D. 2006-, Song-Chun Zhu, Computer Science, UCLA

Computer vision, stochastic grammar models, articulated object detection

Nicholas Steiner

Statistical Consulting

Shuo Wang

Computer Vision, Statistic Learning and Computing

Xinggang Wang

Object recognition in theĀ fieldsĀ of computer vision and machine learning

Yuan. Wang

Experimental Design

Ping Wei

Computer Vision, Statistic Learning, Scene Understanding